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Black Marble
On September 30, 2016 Black Marble will release their second full-length, Itís Immaterial. Their first for Ghostly, Itís Immaterial follows up their EP Weight Against the Door (Hardly Art) and highly acclaimed debut full-length A Different Arrangement (Hardly Art). Still featuring Chris Stewart at the helm along with select collaborators as supplementation, the project's recent shift in locale from East Coast to West Coast lends a great deal to the overall feel of the new album: the light and dark elements of shadows, the salt and sting of eveningís high tide sea spray, a beautiful thing left on a shelf too high to maintain. The general mood is that of creating something new, but going back in time to do it. Like attempting to flesh out a song that you woke up humming but canít find because it doesnít exist yet.

With the end of the East Coast chapter of Stewartís life on the horizon, Itís Immaterial was recorded in a period of mental and physical transition, trapped between spaces and unable to move on until the snow globe flurry of ideas floating around him settled just right. Itís Immaterial is soaring and muted all at once. It's a collection of songs pieced together from perfect seeming snippets heard while passing open doors. It's a framework in which your imagination creates its own version of what you need to hear but didnít have a way to describe - like a favorite song heard on an unlabeled mixtape by a band you canít uncover.

With both early releases the band followed a familiar path stomped down in the late 70's and early 80's by a kindred assemblage of synth acts whose gauzy tape sounds and DIY ethics paved the way for other likeminded artists. Pulling from the handmade approach of late 70's synth wave pioneers like Silicon Teens, Iron Curtain, Lives of Angels, and Solid Space, Black Marble dialed in on a clear understanding of its own specific sound, which has since evolved. Channeling Robert Palmer's early Island years, vocals have been pushed forward - their delivery more desperate. The result is a feeling more immediate yet claustrophobic.

ďIt's a lot of psychic turmoil about time, place, and the dissatisfaction that comes with being young and not having control over place, or being old and not having control over time,Ē Stewart says about the album. ďThe record is filled with characters trying to convince themselves, and others, to change or to see things differently or to come along with them somewhere. Itís that moment of wanting between knowing and doing but frozen in time.Ē

Itís Immaterial is a further evolution in Black Marble's sound. Where the songs featured on their debut full-length seemed to hiss from a vent in the floor, the new tracks seem to be coming from the next room. Written, recorded, mixed, and performed entirely by Stewart, the new songs are a unified vision - one personís attempt to patchwork together bits of vapor and the most subtle gleanings of preference to make something wholly new. It's an endless drive in the passenger seat of a car while listening to everything youíve ever loved, but lasting only 40 minutes.

Black Marble
On September 30, 2016 Black Marble will release their second full-length, Itís Immaterial. Their first for Ghostly, Itís Immaterial follows up their EP Weight Against the Door (Hardly Art) and highly... + more bio

Tour Dates
Date Location Venue
05/16/17 Tue Bakersfield, CA Bako Skate Co with Draa
05/17/17 Wed San Francisco, CA Elbo Room with Draa, Tuxedo Gleam
05/18/17 Thu Modesto, CA The Shire with Draa
05/19/17 Fri Portland, OR Tonic Lounge with Draa
05/20/17 Sat Vancouver, BC, CANADA The Astoria Pub with Draa, Spectres
05/22/17 Mon Bellingham, WA The Shakedown with Draa
05/24/17 Wed Seattle, WA Neumo's with Draa
05/25/17 Thu Boise, ID Neurolux with Draa
05/26/17 Fri Salt Lake City, UT Kilby Court with Draa
05/27/17 Sat Denver, CO Lost Lake Lounge with Draa
05/30/17 Tue Omaha, NE Reverb Lounge
05/31/17 Wed Des Moines, IA Vaudeville Mews
06/01/17 Thu Madison, WI The Terrace
06/02/17 Fri Chicago, IL Do Division Festival Do Division
06/03/17 Sat Detroit, MI Marble Bar
06/04/17 Sun Toronto, ON, Canada Horseshoe Tavern
06/05/17 Mon Montreal, QC Matahari Loft Suoni Per Il Popolo
06/06/17 Tue Brooklyn, NY Good Room
06/09/17 Fri Washington, DC Rock & Roll Hotel with Body of Light
06/10/17 Sat Philadelphia, PA Underground Arts with Body of Light
06/12/17 Mon Richmond, VA Strange Matter with Body of Light
06/13/17 Tue Asheville, NC The Mothlight with Body of Light
06/14/17 Wed Nashville, TN The End with Body of Light
06/15/17 Thu Atlanta, GA The Earl with Body of Light
06/16/17 Fri Orlando, FL Will's Pub with Body of Light
06/17/17 Sat Gainesville, FL The Atlantic Nightspot with Body of Light
06/19/17 Mon Miami, FL Gramps with Body of Light
06/20/17 Tue Ybor City, FL New World Brewery
06/22/17 Thu New Orleans, LA Gasa Gasa with Body of Light
06/23/17 Fri Houston, TX The Secret Group with Body of Light, Draa
06/24/17 Sat Austin, TX The Sidewinder with Body of Light, Draa
06/25/17 Sun Dallas, TX Three Links with Body of Light, Draa
06/29/17 Thu Tucson, AZ Club Congress with Body of Light, Draa
06/30/17 Fri Phoenix, AZ Valley Bar with Body of Light, Draa
07/01/17 Sat Las Vegas, NV Bunkhouse Saloon with Body of Light, Draa
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