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Learn about Flowerbooking through the frequently asked questions answered below. Please feel free to contact us regarding the availability of our artists. The best way to go about this is to submit an inquiry via the individual artist pages. Information on current job opportunities and internships at Flowerbooking can be found in the employment section.
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Chicago, IL 60622
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Flowerbooking is a company that plans live concerts, tours, and other events for its artists and clients. We represent artists in North America, South America, Australia and Asia. Flowerbooking has produced concert tours such as the "Rockstar Energy Drink AP TOUR" and assists with sponsorships, tour planning and event production. Our hands on experience in tour production and personal service is rather unique among our peers. In addition to booking tours, we also dedicate time simply to solving problems, helping artists with budgeting, and many more interesting things. Between the agents, there is a combined 50 years of experience in all aspects of touring life.
After writing for some local music magazines and working at her college radio station, Susanne Dawursk (nee McCarthy) started touring with bands during breaks from school and started working with venues to organize shows for friends. Flowerbooking was born officially in 1990. She moved to Chicago in 1994 and that's when Flowerbooking really started to grow.. Tim started in 1997 after working at some Chicago area music venues.. Mahmood came to Flower after running his own agency in Boston until 2002.
Well you were 18 once right? You might remember how the decisions you made then you might never make now? Well, uh, yeah. That's how we feel too, "Flower" was named more as a joke in the beginning but now name has stuck and we hope what it stands for can transcend its humble roots... oh yeah, did I mention that Flowerbooking sets us up for a lot of terrible puns too?
Flowerbooking is located in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood in Chicago, IL While many agencies are located in New York and Los Angeles, Flower's central Chicago location has many great advantages. Chicago is America's 3rd largest city, has a wildly vibrant and diverse music scene, comes with a great lake, and is a down to earth kind of place. You can still find street parking here, if that's any indication. The nicest thing about running an agency in Chicago is that we get a chance to separate the "hype" from what real, everyday folks are reacting to in the vast land of music. We're only a 3 hr plane ride away from any other American city, and we make sure we take advantage!
Flowerbooking started many years ago simply as a way to help some friends' bands organize their live shows. Since then, Flower has been the home of well over 300 artists of all shapes, sizes and musical genres. While things these days are definitely more organized, that initial principle is still the same. In our eyes, our artists are not just "clients" but family - and with that comes great honesty and trust. We strive to develop close, long-lasting relationships and help each artist with their own specific vision - whether that be one small tour every couple of years or a full world-domination plan of attack. No two people are exactly the same, and neither are their bands. The music business as a whole has evolved into an environment that encourages short-term success over long-term artistic (and personal) development. We have been able to stand firm in the face of that trend. Music is still a brilliant an unpredictable art form - as are the fine folks who create it - and it means quite a bit to us to be a part of our artists lives through the ups AND the downs. While its fun to have a few gold records hanging on our walls, we do not measure success solely as a product of record sales, hit singles and sold out concerts. The attention with which we have assisted our artists in making their music a way of life is our ultimate measure.
Flowerbooking celebrated its 10 and 15 year anniversaries by holding a series of benefit concerts in Chicago featuring many Flowerbooking artists of the past + present. It's a great honor to us that we've been able to put these events together and even get to 10-15 years! (100% of proceeds were given to local area charities. Over $100,000 was raised between the two events.
There is a very long answer to this short question. It's a combination of countless factors, but the ones that count the most is how much we like the music of the artist in question and how realistic the artist is with his/her goals versus level of commitment to the reality of those goals.
We're going to be brutally honest with you: the odds are against it. There are a lot more bands than booking agents. About a million more. There are only so many artists that we can accommodate on our roster while still adhering to our founding principles of personal service for each and every one. We have many bands and individuals that we have worked with for 10 years or more as a result of our dedication, and we make some difficult choices sometimes as a result. BUT, it is always worth it to keep us up to date with what you are doing. Odds are we might not be able to book your band, but it doesn't mean we're not interested in your music!


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