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Death Bells
There’s something unmistakably grand about Death Bells. Many contemporary bands have incorporated sonic elements of the ‘80s into their sound, but few have managed to capture the sheer scope and allure of that era like Death Bells with their brand of searing post-punk and shimmering dream pop. Their songs are a study in contrast, effortlessly combining dark intrigue with unabashedly massive hooks — an aspect they partially attribute to the backdrop of their stunning Australian homeland. Now with the release of their upcoming single Echoes b/w Move Through Me, the band of ambitious punks will be moving from Sydney to Los Angeles, California, with their sights set across the sea, aiming to bring their music to a world as expansive as their sound.

Death Bells are no strangers to diving headfirst into their musical vision. The band started in 2014 with Will Canning (vocals) and Maurice Santiago (bass), both frequenters of the Sydney punk and hardcore scene, who shared a common goal and drive for a more refined project. Rounding out their lineup with Aron Postolovic (guitar), Remy Veselis (guitar), David Gauci (keyboards), and Sam Shepherd (drums), Death Bells quickly began to make a name for themselves and along the way Canning and Santiago’s determination led to the creation of their own label, Burning Rose. When it came time for Death Bells’ first EP, Burning Rose teamed with U.S. tastemaker, Funeral Party Records, and soon the band would tour the States for the first time and start expanding the label. As Canning puts it, “It started as an avenue to legitimize the band, but after we went to the U.S. we realized what we could really do, and it snowballed into a platform for artists and musicians within the community.”

In 2017, Burning Rose and Funeral Party released Death Bells’ debut full length, Standing At The Edge of The World. The album is a kinetic collection of reverb-drenched leads and cavernous drums that provide the perfect setting for Canning’s distinctive baritone and brooding romanticism. The band continued to build on that sound, and now with their latest single, they’ve crafted perfect example of their sonic dichotomy: “Echoes,” with its stadium-ready guitars and Canning’s most infectious melodies to date; and the pulsating “Move Through Me,” a bass-driven post-punk stomp. Canning’s self-described “love songs gone wrong” search for silver linings in life’s upheavals—an unusually positive approach to melancholy music that Canning chalks up to living in Australia as well as the camaraderie within the band. “It’s such a beautiful place, it’s hard to make music that doesn’t have an element of lightheartedness,” he explains. “The darker parts of the music and lyrics are present and true, but that’s just one part of our lives. We’re generally happy people because we have this music and this band.” Thankfully for the band and listeners alike, with their move to America, an impending sophomore full length, and a nearly unending tour schedule, Death Bells show no signs of slowing their fearless musical pursuit.

Death Bells
There’s something unmistakably grand about Death Bells. Many contemporary bands have incorporated sonic elements of the ‘80s into their sound, but few have managed to capture the sheer scope and... + more bio

Tour Dates
Date Location Venue
09/23/18 Sun Dallas, TX Three Links with Narrow Head
09/24/18 Mon Austin, TX Barracuda with Narrow Head, Temple of Angels
09/25/18 Tue Houston, TX Satellite Bar with Narrow Head
09/27/18 Thu Atlanta, GA Drunken Unicorn with Narrow Head
09/28/18 Fri Charlotte, NC Snug Harbor with Narrow Head
09/29/18 Sat Norfolk, VA Charlie's American Cafe with Narrow Head
10/01/18 Mon Durham, NC The Pinhook with Narrow Head
10/02/18 Tue Richmond, VA Richmond Music Hall with Narrow Head
10/04/18 Thu Philadelphia, PA Ortliebs with Narrow Head
10/05/18 Fri Middletown, CT MAC650 with Narrow Head
10/06/18 Sat Ridgewood, NY Trans-Pecos with Narrow Head, Glitterer
10/07/18 Sun New York, NY Mercury Lounge with Narrow Head
10/10/18 Wed Montreal, QC, Canada Bar Le "Ritz" P.D.B. with Narrow Head
10/12/18 Fri Toronto, ON, Canada The Velvet Underground Not Dead Yet Fest
10/14/18 Sun Detroit, MI Deluxx Fluxx with Temple of Angels
10/15/18 Mon Cleveland, OH Beachland Tavern
10/16/18 Tue Columbus, OH, US The Summit
10/17/18 Wed Nashville, TN Springwater
10/19/18 Fri Hot Springs, AR Maxine's
10/20/18 Sat Wichita, KS Barleycorn's with Lace
10/21/18 Sun Omaha, NE Pop20 with Lace
10/22/18 Mon Minneapolis, MN 7th Street Entry with Lace
10/23/18 Tue Milwaukee, WI Ground Zero with Lace
10/25/18 Thu Chicago, IL Empty Bottle with Lace
10/26/18 Fri St Louis, MO Foam with Lace
10/27/18 Sat Kansas City, MO Record Bar Outer Reaches Festival
10/28/18 Sun Memphis, TN Lamplighter Lounge with Lace
10/29/18 Mon Oxford, MS Proud Larry's
10/30/18 Tue Hattiesburg, MS Thirsty Hippo with Lace
10/31/18 Wed New Orleans, LA Poor Boys with Lace
11/03/18 Sat San Antonio, TX Paper Tiger
02/09/19 Sat Louisville, KY L&DB Fest LDB Fest
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